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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for AYSO Region 248?

Login, complete the online registration process, pay with credit card, done!
Important Note: In previous years, you were required to pre-register online, then print two copies of the registration form and bring them to a registration event. This is no longer necessary!

Since my child played last year, will there be a returning player form printed out waiting for me at a registration event?

No, this year we are trying something different. The will be no in-person registration events. Registration can be completed entirely online. See the registration page for details.

When does the Fall Season start and end?

The dates of the season vary from year to year. See the registration page for details.

Where and when will the games be played?

All games are will be played at Wilderness Park Soccer Complex on Saturdays. At the end of the season the Board may make a decision to play finals in the evenings during the week. These decisions are usually base around adverse weather conditions or forecasts.


Where will the practices be held?

Practices may be held at any city park, with the exception of Memorial Stadium, Bradshaw Park and Wilderness Park Soccer Complex

What is included with registration fee?

Your registration covers fees to National AYSO, Supplemental Accident Insurance and expenses to cover the operation of the Region. All 4-5 year-old children will receive a participation medal at the end of the season. Additional equipment, such as an official AYSO game jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards, shoes, pictures, etc. are not included and can be purchased separately at any local sporting goods store. The official AYSO game jersey is only available at Nebraska Sports.


Can I request that my child be on the same team as another child?

“Balanced Teams” is one of the Six Basic Philosophies of AYSO and as such takes precedence over any teammate request. 

For divisions U5/U6, teammate requests may be considered. Requests must be clearly written on the player registration form and turned in with payment no later than the final registration date.

For divisions U8 and older, the following are the requirements for consideration of teammate requests:

  • Only siblings can be placed on the same team. (Children having one or both parents in common. No cousins, friends, etc.)
  • Siblings must be members of the same household. (Living in the same house.)
  • Siblings must be in the same age division.
  • Siblings must be the same gender, unless playing in the Coed division.
  • Requests must be clearly written on the player registration form and turned in with payment no later than the final registration date.
  • Parents/guardians must volunteer to coach the team. This requires completing a volunteer registration form at the time of player registration, and passing a background check as required by law.

Once teams are formed and practices have started, we will not move players between teams.


Can I request a coach for my child?

Requests for coaches will not be considered. All coaches will have opportunities to receive training specific to the age group that they are coaching. Please allow everyone to put into practice what they have learned. You might consider being a coach yourself.


Is my child old enough to play AYSO soccer?

Children between the ages of 4 and 17, as of July 31st of the year in which the fall season begins, can play AYSO soccer. See the registration page for details.


What division is my child in?

Divisions are based on the age of the player. See the registration page for details.


Can my child play up or down a division?

AYSO is a National organization that determines the player divisions based on birth dates. The AYSO "year" runs from August 1st through July 31st.  Many children are in different divisions and/or different skill levels than their school classmates. We encourage you to view this as a positive experience, which may allow your child to broaden his/her relationships outside of school and enjoy making new friends. Our regional policy does not allow players to play outside of their age division.


My child is involved in many activities, can she be placed on team that practices on Wednesdays? That is her only free day.

Players are assigned to teams before coaches select practice fields or create practice schedules. Due to volunteer coaches’ scheduling difficulties and team balancing issues, we cannot guarantee a specific practice day. The coach determines the practice day(s). Games will primarily be played on Saturdays, though there could be an occasional week day game. An AYSO core philosophy is, “Everyone Plays”.  If your child will consistently have to miss practices and/or games, please think carefully about whether AYSO is right for your child at this time. Alternately, if practicing on a particular day is very important to you, consider being the head coach of your child's team!


I don’t know anything about soccer and you want me to volunteer?

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. There are many volunteer opportunities to be filled for the region to be a success. Details of positions that need be filled can seen here. If you have some other talent or skill not listed that you feel would help benefit the region, please let us hear from you.


Who do I contact for Registration questions/issues?

Send an email to


Who do I contact for other problems/questions/issues?

Anyone on the board of directors should be able to help get your question/problem/issue resolved. Please click here for a list of the board members. The preferred method of communication is through email; please remember that we are all volunteers as well and we have full-time jobs and families to tend to. Most emails will be answered in 24 hours.

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