For more details about becoming a volunteer referee, the Laws of the Game, or other issues related to game officiating, please email

Volunteers Needed!
The Season cannot be played without referees! Referees and Assistant Referees are required for all U10 (and above) games. Moms, dads, and kids (12 and up) can be referees. This is great way to learn the game of soccer and to appreciate what the players are trying to do out there on the field.

Interested in being a referee but you feel a little intimidated? Then consider becoming a U6 or U8 referee. While referees aren't required for these games, our region needs to start developing referees skills early on. The Board can't emphasize enough that for this region to grow and be successful, we will need qualified referees.

We will provide you with the training and supplies necessary to do your job! If you are interested in being a referee, please complete a volunteer application online, during the registration process for your child, or send an email to referee administrator at

Completing the Volunteer Process

Now that you've decided to volunteer, there are a few things you'll need to do:
  • Online Registration - Register at This will permit AYSO to run a background check on you and gives you the opportunity to print out a completed application.
  • Deliver Paperwork - Print out 2 copies of the completed application and sign each copy. Bring these 2 copies and your driver's license to one of our registration events.
  • Online Training - Once your paperwork is processed, the AYSO ID # (found on your completed application) will be activated. This will allow you to access the online training at Take the mandatory "Safe Haven Certification" course.